Why this project?

Our personal data are a source of information about our mobility which has a commercial value, e.g. in retail, and of which the general public is getting more aware. Among other sensors, the GPS sensors embarked in our smartphones can provide tracks directly usable for many public transport, road navigation, or sport applications. The same tracking data can also enable analysing personal mobility, and collective mobility, as a complement to traditional mobility surveys. Several companies have started to explore this market niche, such as : motion tag, roofstreet, mobi-lise, geo4cast, trivector, Unacast, Streetlight...

Privacy is an essential issue here, which is being investigated since several years by the FING thintank in the mesinfos actions

La Fabrique des Mobilités had to work also on the topic, as a mobility tracking Common would clearly be of great interest. In fact, a "Traces de Mobilité" community has been initiated quite rapidly. Working complementary to la FING, la FabMob goal is to have concrete results in 2019 with respect to mobility tracking software and is willing to fund a Proof of Concept, with other partners, of an open source solution for collectingn sharing and analysing personal mobility smartphone tracking data.


We want to address the following questions :

Realistic ambitions

When considering the global problem, we soon recognized it was much too broad for our very limited resources :

Testing the application

The project has started with an evaluation phase, where the app has been installed and the server deployed, so as to undestand how it works and confirm the choice of e-mission. This phase has ended in April 2019 with a minimal demo showing the main functionalities of the app. so that interested parties (cities, companies or other organisations) can play with it and decide if this application could interest them.

A beta-test in Spring 2019

A second test has been set up at the End of May until September, with 20 or 30 users initially contacted, who had already expressed their interest for the app, and finally more than 60 users have installed and tested the app (from the Paris Region, Marseilles, la Rochelle, Nantes or the French Riviera, but also from Monteal, Berlin and Rome); they have been invited to give technical and usability feedback on the software. The test results have been reported in the delivrables (in French). Although the test period is over, it is still possible to test the app, don't hesitare to contact us, thanks! The terms of use for this test version are described here.

Developing a community of interest

After this test, we still pursue to develop a community of potentiel users willing to deploy the application for "real" end-users / travelers, and software developers and technical partners interested in contributing to the source code. More to comme in early 2020 !